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EEATS is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of visitors to our web site.

Our purpose in collecting information from you is to provide you with a better service and targeted information. We will not knowingly disclose personal information about you to any third party.

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Disclaimer & Terms and conditions of use and access of EEATS Website.

Any information appearing on the EEATS website is issued as general information and does not constitute a warranty by EEATS. No responsibility can be accepted by EEATS for action or inaction as a result of information contained on EEATS website. Readers should take specific advice in respect of specific situations.

The use and access of pages of the EEATS website is subject to the terms and conditions set out below and by the disclaimer above. By using or accessing this website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


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The provision on the EEATS website of a link to another Website does not constitute any authorisation to access material held at that location. Links to sites are provided for informational purposes only and no responsibility is accepted for the quality of resources to be found on such websites. The contents and material made available on linked sites are completely outwith our control and as such no liability is accepted for any damages resulting from accessing or failing to access these sites.

No endorsement is expressed or implied by the presence of a link on the EEATS website. The contents of a linked-to website may change without our knowledge and as a result, links may break or may terminate on pages which were not the original targets of a link. No responsibility or liability for the privacy of personal information is accepted for linked to websites, as these are beyond our control.


The resources contained on the EEATS website, including all files that are authorised for download or access, are provided on an "as is" basis and without any warranties. Although files are virus checked these cannot guarantee that files are free from computer viruses and no warranty is given that files downloaded or accessed from the EEATS Website are free of computer viruses. No warranties are made as to fitness for purpose, quality or completeness of information. EEATS excludes any liability for any errors in or omissions in information provided on or linked to from this website.

Reliability of information

EEATS uses its best efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of information on EEATS websites. However, no guarantees are made that the information contained on EEATS or associated, or linked to websites is accurate, complete and current at any given time. Information presented on EEATS or associated sites may be changed at any time.

Availability of the EEATS website

Although the EEATS website has been tested and should work correctly under normal circumstances. There are many factors both within and outside of the control of EEATS which may prevent the website from being available to users. No responsibility is accepted by EEATS for any losses that may arise from an inability to access resources on this site. Where a user finds a specific error in the coding of a web page, it is a condition of use of this site that the EEATS administrator be notified in order that appropriate action may be taken.


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