Guidance for Applicants

Our aim is to offer you the greatest flexibility in the timing of your eating disorders training without compromising on quality and standards.

We ask that all the work you submit for the accreditation be completed within a three year period or less, ending at some point after the date of registration.

For example, a candidate who registers in January 2010 may present a body of work that dates back to the spring of 2007 and is completed - perhaps by taking the online MCQ Test - in early February 2010. In contrast, another candidate who registers at the same time, January 2010, may start their eligible eating disorders training only in the spring of 2010, perhaps sitting the MCQ Test early in the summer, and going on to complete accreditation at any point from 2011 to 2013 depending on the pace of progress and available training.

If this description is unclear or you need further clarification please contact the Core Group through the Secretary of EEATS for advice and information. Contact details can be found by clicking on the contents link at the top of the page.

The training which counts towards your accreditation can include attendance at Conferences, Workshops and other training events. It may also include some electronic and distance learning activities. It must total a minimum of 100 hours and include the acquisition of both knowledge and skills.

If you are unsure whether a training course is pertinent for your EEATS accreditation we suggest that you check with EEATS to ensure that it will be valid.

In addition to the acquisition of knowledge and skills there is a crucial component of clinical practice. This is the basis on which your supervisor (or their appointed deputy) will assess whether you have demonstrated competence. For more information please click on the Clinical Placements heading at the top of the page.  Trainees should note that it is COMPULSORY to attend at least one Trainee's day during their training.

Candidates must inform the EEATS Administrator who their Supervisor is before commencing EEATS Accreditation.


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