Clinical Experience Requirements

  • A reference must be provided from the supervisor (or deputy) and the supervisor's details have to be made available to be approved by EEATS before starting a period of clinical placement to be accredited. Supervisors need not themselves be accredited by EEATS but should in this case submit a CV with details of their experience in the field of eating disorders.
  • There must be evidence of continuing availability of supervision of eating disorder cases from a named supervisor for at least one hour monthly. It is strongly recommended that supervisors attempt to offer one hour weekly or 90 minutes ever two weeks. Group supervision should offer more than one hour monthly in view of the "dilution" effect of a group setting.
  • There should be evidence of significant clinical involvement with and direct clinical responsibility for eating disorder patients. This may be, and usually will be, as part of a shared responsibility within a multi-disciplinary team and should include long term work (minimum of 6 months) with at least one patient. This will include experience of working with a spectrum of patients.
  • A brief summary signed by the supervisors must be provided on the applicants work with at least five patients demonstrating the range of clinical experience. Each case must have brief learning points highlighted.
  • At least one case must be written up fully according to the guidelines appropriate to the applicants professional discipline and signed by the supervisor.

The Clinical Supervision Contract can be found in the written pack along with the responsibility and accountability in supervision document.


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